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United States Wavefinder
Swell with favourable wind conditions

Fri AM Boners 5
Fri PM Fullers 4
Sat AM Ghost Tree 5
Sat PM Fullers 5
Bermuda wave energy surf 12 hr forecast

Forecast Wave Energy (Power): 12hrs

United States Wavefinder
Swell with favourable wind conditions

Mon AM Mavericks 5
Mon PM Boners 5
Tue PM Ghost Tree 5
Wed PM Boners 4
Thu PM Mouse Rock 2

Global Big Wavefinder
Powerful swell with light or offshore wind

Mon AM Boners (United States) 5 Wed AM Grindavik Antenas (Iceland) 8
Tue AM Fish Boma (South Africa) 6 Wed PM Backdoor (United States) 6
Tue PM The Bowl (United Kingdom) 7 Thu AM Cronulla Point (Australia) 6

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Indian River (Northside) photo

Trestles photo

Ocean Buds, Trestles photo

Photo credit: george webber

Naval Jetties Bethany Ocean City
The Cove Delaware Fenwick North Assateague (The Wedge)
Rehoboth Main The Cove Cape May Outside Shoals
Dewey Beach Broadway 48th Street
Tower Road 120th Street Assateague
Indian River (Northside) Queen Street The Inlet and Pier
Indian River (Southside) Wedge Stockton

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11 Dec 2014

Goin' right, Kuau Pipes

Kuau Pipes

28 Dec 2014

Latest submitted reviews

Foxton Beach surf break:


“Not sure I believe many of these comments. I have been kitesurfing this beach for over 11 years now and I have never, ever seen any of this sort of behaviour. I am not a Foxton local, I live about 40 mins away in Palmerston North, but I go to this beach whenever I can. Only problem I ever had was when I trashed a Fishermans gear because I got too close. He was pretty angry and rightly so, but we came to an amicable agreement and all was fine.
Locals are extremely friendly and I can only think that anyone that had a bad experience there then they must have been out of town yobs, they get everywhere unfortunately.
Don't be put off Foxton by these negative comments, in my experience its a great place, maybe not a great surf spot though, the Naki much better for that, but if you want to kite surf, kite landboard or SUP there are not many better places in NZ.”

Dixie from NEW ZEALAND - 24 Jan 2015

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Maori Bay surf break:


“This is one of the best breaks in Auckland when it fires and when the surf is 3ft+, with a good offshore, there are barrels to be had. On small days there is a nice open face on the inside runners and in the line up every set a big rouge wave comes in that is really nice to surf. When you come here please don't bring your baggage with you, this is NOT a LEARNERS spot there are big pointed rocks so if you get it wrong good luck!”

Jack from NEW ZEALAND - 04 Jan 2015

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Plum Island surf break:


“Unrideable waves that crash right into the dirt, localism, no place to park and to top it the access is destroyed. I'm sticking to the wall.”

Sam from UNITED STATES - 04 Jan 2015

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In compiling this website, we have endeavoured to include data for the main global surf breaks. If anyone feels we have accidentally exposed a secret spot, let us know and if we agree that it is sensitive, we'll take it down.

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