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Wave Buoys

20 NM SE of Jonesport, ME 6h 20 NM SE of Jonesport, ME hourly
225 NM South of Cape Hatteras 6h 225 NM South of Cape Hatteras hourly
Abbot Point Buoy 6h Abbot Point Buoy hourly
Aberporth Buoy 6h Aberporth Buoy hourly
AFBI 038A Waverider 6h AFBI 038A Waverider hourly
Ainoshima Port 6h Ainoshima Port hourly
Akita (buoy) 6h Akita (buoy) hourly
Akita Port Buoy 6h Akita Port Buoy hourly
Albatross Bank - 104NM South of Kodiak Is., AK 6h Albatross Bank - 104NM South of Kodiak Is., AK hourly
Albatross Bay Buoy 6h Albatross Bay Buoy hourly
Alwyn North 6h Alwyn North hourly
Amethyst AWS 6h Amethyst AWS hourly
Amethyst Buoy 6h Amethyst Buoy hourly
Anacapa Passage, CA 6h Anacapa Passage, CA hourly
Andrew 6h Andrew hourly
Aohama, KP 6h Aohama, KP hourly
Aoki Port 6h Aoki Port hourly
Aomori Port 6h Aomori Port hourly
Armada 6h Armada hourly
Ashika Island/Kurihama 6h Ashika Island/Kurihama hourly
Astoria Canyon, OR 6h Astoria Canyon, OR hourly
Atlantic South Buoy 6h Atlantic South Buoy hourly
Atwater Park Buoy 6h Atwater Park Buoy hourly
Aunuu, American Samoa 6h Aunuu, American Samoa hourly
Banqureau Banks Buoy 6h Banqureau Banks Buoy hourly
Barbers Point Buoy, Kalaeloa 6h Barbers Point Buoy, Kalaeloa hourly
Barnegat, NJ 6h Barnegat, NJ hourly
Batemans Bay Waverider Buoy 6h Batemans Bay Waverider Buoy hourly
Bay of Campeche Buoy 6h Bay of Campeche Buoy hourly
Bay of Plenty Buoy 6h Bay of Plenty Buoy hourly
Belmullet Berth A Buoy 6h Belmullet Berth A Buoy hourly
Belmullet Berth B Buoy 6h Belmullet Berth B Buoy hourly
Beppu Port 6h Beppu Port hourly
Bering Sea Buoy 6h Bering Sea Buoy hourly
Bideford Bay Waverider 6h Bideford Bay Waverider hourly
Biloxi Buoy 6h Biloxi Buoy hourly
Blackstones WaveNet Site 6h Blackstones WaveNet Site hourly
Blakeney Overfalls Waverider 6h Blakeney Overfalls Waverider hourly
Blakknes Buoy, Iceland 6h Blakknes Buoy, Iceland hourly
Block Island, RI 6h Block Island, RI hourly
Bodega Bay Buoy 6h Bodega Bay Buoy hourly
Bóia de Caniçal 6h Bóia de Caniçal hourly
Bóia de Faro Costeira 6h Bóia de Faro Costeira hourly
Bóia de Funchal 6h Bóia de Funchal hourly
Bóia de Ilha Graciosa 6h Bóia de Ilha Graciosa hourly
Bóia de Leixões 6h Bóia de Leixões hourly
Bóia de Ponta Delgada (São Miguel) 6h Bóia de Ponta Delgada (São Miguel) hourly
Bóia de Praia da Vitória (Terceira) 6h Bóia de Praia da Vitória (Terceira) hourly
Bóia de Sines 6h Bóia de Sines hourly
Bóia Faial (Ilha Do Pico) 6h Bóia Faial (Ilha Do Pico) hourly
Bóia Ilha Das Flores 6h Bóia Ilha Das Flores hourly
Boscombe Waverider 6h Boscombe Waverider hourly
Boston Buoy 6h Boston Buoy hourly
Bracklesham Bay Waverider 6h Bracklesham Bay Waverider hourly
Brae A 6h Brae A hourly
Brant Beach Buoy 6h Brant Beach Buoy hourly
Brazil Buoy 6h Brazil Buoy hourly
Bream Bay Buoy 6h Bream Bay Buoy hourly
Brisbane Buoy 6h Brisbane Buoy hourly
Brittany Buoy 6h Brittany Buoy hourly
Bundaberg Buoy 6h Bundaberg Buoy hourly
BUOY-22103 South Korea 6h BUOY-22103 South Korea hourly
BUOY-22104 South Korea 6h BUOY-22104 South Korea hourly
BUOY-22105 South Korea 6h BUOY-22105 South Korea hourly
BUOY-22106 South Korea 6h BUOY-22106 South Korea hourly
BUOY-22107 South Korea 6h BUOY-22107 South Korea hourly
BUOY-22108 South Korea 6h BUOY-22108 South Korea hourly
BUOY-62050 6h BUOY-62050 hourly
BUOY-62442 6h BUOY-62442 hourly
Burgeo Bank Buoy 6h Burgeo Bank Buoy hourly
Byron Bay Waverider Buoy 6h Byron Bay Waverider Buoy hourly
Cabrillo Point, Monterey Bay, CA 6h Cabrillo Point, Monterey Bay, CA hourly
Cairns Buoy 6h Cairns Buoy hourly
Caloundra Buoy 6h Caloundra Buoy hourly
Camp Pendleton Nearshore, CA 6h Camp Pendleton Nearshore, CA hourly
Canaveral Buoy 6h Canaveral Buoy hourly
Canaveral East Buoy 6h Canaveral East Buoy hourly
Cape Canaveral Nearshore, FL 6h Cape Canaveral Nearshore, FL hourly
Cape Charles, VA 6h Cape Charles, VA hourly
Cape Cleare Buoy 6h Cape Cleare Buoy hourly
Cape Cod Bay, MA 6h Cape Cod Bay, MA hourly
Cape du Couedic Buoy 6h Cape du Couedic Buoy hourly
Cape Edgecumbe Buoy 6h Cape Edgecumbe Buoy hourly
Cape Elizabeth 6h Cape Elizabeth hourly
Cape Henry, VA 6h Cape Henry, VA hourly
Cape Mendocino, CA 6h Cape Mendocino, CA hourly
Cape San Martin Buoy 6h Cape San Martin Buoy hourly
Cape Sorell Waverider Buoy 6h Cape Sorell Waverider Buoy hourly
Cape Suckling Buoy 6h Cape Suckling Buoy hourly
Cardigan Bay Waverider Buoy 6h Cardigan Bay Waverider Buoy hourly
Central Aleutians Buoy 6h Central Aleutians Buoy hourly
Central Dixon Entrance Buoy 6h Central Dixon Entrance Buoy hourly
Central Gulf of Alaska Buoy 6h Central Gulf of Alaska Buoy hourly
Central Iwate (buoy) 6h Central Iwate (buoy) hourly
Central Long Island Sound Buoy 6h Central Long Island Sound Buoy hourly
Central Maine Shelf Buoy 6h Central Maine Shelf Buoy hourly
Central Miyagi (buoy) 6h Central Miyagi (buoy) hourly
Channel Islands Buoy 6h Channel Islands Buoy hourly
Chapel Point Waverider 6h Chapel Point Waverider hourly
Chesil Waverider 6h Chesil Waverider hourly
Chester Shoal, FL 6h Chester Shoal, FL hourly
Chofu, SP 6h Chofu, SP hourly
Clair 6h Clair hourly
Clatsop Spit, OR 6h Clatsop Spit, OR hourly
Claymore Buoy 6h Claymore Buoy hourly
Cleveland Intake Crib Buoy 6h Cleveland Intake Crib Buoy hourly
Cleveleys Waverider 6h Cleveleys Waverider hourly
Clyde Buoy 6h Clyde Buoy hourly
Coffs Harbour Waverider Buoy 6h Coffs Harbour Waverider Buoy hourly
Col River Bar Buoy 6h Col River Bar Buoy hourly
Cook Nuclear Plant Buoy, Stevensville 6h Cook Nuclear Plant Buoy, Stevensville hourly
Cormorant A Buoy 6h Cormorant A Buoy hourly
Corpus Christi Buoy 6h Corpus Christi Buoy hourly
Crowdy Head Waverider Buoy 6h Crowdy Head Waverider Buoy hourly
Dainikaiho 6h Dainikaiho hourly
Dale Roads Waverider Buoy 6h Dale Roads Waverider Buoy hourly
Dawlish Waverider 6h Dawlish Waverider hourly
Delaware Bay Buoy 6h Delaware Bay Buoy hourly
Deshimatsu, SP 6h Deshimatsu, SP hourly
Diablo Canyon, CA 6h Diablo Canyon, CA hourly
Diamond Shoals Buoy 6h Diamond Shoals Buoy hourly
Dowsing WaveNet Site 6h Dowsing WaveNet Site hourly
Duck FRF 26m, NC 6h Duck FRF 26m, NC hourly
Duck FRF, NC 6h Duck FRF, NC hourly
Dunbar 6h Dunbar hourly
East Anglia 1 Buoy 6h East Anglia 1 Buoy hourly
East Anglia 2 Buoy 6h East Anglia 2 Buoy hourly
East Anglia 3 Buoy 6h East Anglia 3 Buoy hourly
East Aomori (buoy) 6h East Aomori (buoy) hourly
East Dellwood Buoy 6h East Dellwood Buoy hourly
East Gulf Buoy 6h East Gulf Buoy hourly
East Lake Ontario Buoy, 20NM North Northeast of Rochester 6h East Lake Ontario Buoy, 20NM North Northeast of Rochester hourly
East Maine Shelf Buoy 6h East Maine Shelf Buoy hourly
East of Bahamas Buoy 6h East of Bahamas Buoy hourly
East of Cape Hatteras Buoy 6h East of Cape Hatteras Buoy hourly
East of Martinique Buoy 6h East of Martinique Buoy hourly
East Santa Barbara Buoy 6h East Santa Barbara Buoy hourly
East Scotia Slope Buoy 6h East Scotia Slope Buoy hourly
East Superior Buoy, 70 NM NE of Marquette 6h East Superior Buoy, 70 NM NE of Marquette hourly
Eastern Caribbean Buoy 6h Eastern Caribbean Buoy hourly
Eden Waverider Buoy 6h Eden Waverider Buoy hourly
Edisto Buoy 6h Edisto Buoy hourly
Eel River Buoy 6h Eel River Buoy hourly
Egmont Channel Entrance, FL 6h Egmont Channel Entrance, FL hourly
Elgin Buoy 6h Elgin Buoy hourly
EMEC Waverider at Billia Croo wave power test site 6h EMEC Waverider at Billia Croo wave power test site hourly
Emu Park Buoy 6h Emu Park Buoy hourly
Erie Nearshore Buoy 6h Erie Nearshore Buoy hourly
Esashi Port Hiyama 6h Esashi Port Hiyama hourly
Esashi Port Soya 6h Esashi Port Soya hourly
ETAP 6h ETAP hourly
F3 Light Vessel 6h F3 Light Vessel hourly
Fairway Beacon 6h Fairway Beacon hourly
Fairweather Grounds Buoy 6h Fairweather Grounds Buoy hourly
Felixstowe Waverider 6h Felixstowe Waverider hourly
Field Research Facility Buoy, Duck 6h Field Research Facility Buoy, Duck hourly
First Landing, VA 6h First Landing, VA hourly
Firth of Forth WaveNet Site 6h Firth of Forth WaveNet Site hourly
Folkestone Waverider 6h Folkestone Waverider hourly
Fort Bragg South, CA 6h Fort Bragg South, CA hourly
Fort Pierce, FL 6h Fort Pierce, FL hourly
Forties A 6h Forties A hourly
Freeport Buoy 6h Freeport Buoy hourly
Frying Pan Shoals Buoy 6h Frying Pan Shoals Buoy hourly
Fukui Port 6h Fukui Port hourly
Fukushima (buoy) 6h Fukushima (buoy) hourly
Fushiki, FTP 6h Fushiki, FTP hourly
Galveston Buoy 6h Galveston Buoy hourly
Galway Bay Wave Buoy 6h Galway Bay Wave Buoy hourly
Gannet 6h Gannet hourly
Gascogne Ouest Arcachon Buoy 6h Gascogne Ouest Arcachon Buoy hourly
Genkai Nada 6h Genkai Nada hourly
Georges Bank 170 NM East of Hyannis, MA 6h Georges Bank 170 NM East of Hyannis, MA hourly
Georgian Bay Buoy 6h Georgian Bay Buoy hourly
Gladstone Buoy 6h Gladstone Buoy hourly
Gold Coast Buoy 6h Gold Coast Buoy hourly
Golden Bay Buoy 6h Golden Bay Buoy hourly
Goldeneye 6h Goldeneye hourly
Gonoura Port 6h Gonoura Port hourly
Goodwin Sands Waverider 6h Goodwin Sands Waverider hourly
Gooses Reef, MD 6h Gooses Reef, MD hourly
Grand Banks Buoy 6h Grand Banks Buoy hourly
Grand Traverse Bay Buoy 6h Grand Traverse Bay Buoy hourly
Grays Harbor, WA 6h Grays Harbor, WA hourly
Grays Reef Buoy 6h Grays Reef Buoy hourly
Great Slave Lake Buoy 6h Great Slave Lake Buoy hourly
Great Slave Lake, North Arm Buoy 6h Great Slave Lake, North Arm Buoy hourly
Greenwich Buoy 6h Greenwich Buoy hourly
Gulf of Alaska Buoy 6h Gulf of Alaska Buoy hourly
Gulf of Maine Buoy 6h Gulf of Maine Buoy hourly
Hachinohe Port 6h Hachinohe Port hourly
Haedomari Port 6h Haedomari Port hourly
Half Moon Bay Buoy 6h Half Moon Bay Buoy hourly
Halibut Bank Buoy 6h Halibut Bank Buoy hourly
Halifax Harbour Buoy 6h Halifax Harbour Buoy hourly
Hamada Port 6h Hamada Port hourly
Hanalei, Kauai, HI 6h Hanalei, Kauai, HI hourly
Happisburgh Waverider 6h Happisburgh Waverider hourly
Harding 6h Harding hourly
Harvest, CA 6h Harvest, CA hourly
Hastings WaveNet Site 6h Hastings WaveNet Site hourly
Hay Point Buoy 6h Hay Point Buoy hourly
Hayling Island Waverider 6h Hayling Island Waverider hourly
Hecate Strait Buoy 6h Hecate Strait Buoy hourly
Hiagari, KP 6h Hiagari, KP hourly
Hilo, Hawaii, HI 6h Hilo, Hawaii, HI hourly
Hinkley Point 2 Waverider 6h Hinkley Point 2 Waverider hourly
Hinkley Point Waverider 6h Hinkley Point Waverider hourly
Hirado Seto 6h Hirado Seto hourly
Hirara Port 6h Hirara Port hourly
Hitachinaka,Ibaraki Port 6h Hitachinaka,Ibaraki Port hourly
Holland Buoy 6h Holland Buoy hourly
Hondo Seto 6h Hondo Seto hourly
Hornsea Waverider 6h Hornsea Waverider hourly
Hosojima Port 6h Hosojima Port hourly
Humboldt Bay, North Spit, CA 6h Humboldt Bay, North Spit, CA hourly
Hyuga,Miyazaki (buoy) 6h Hyuga,Miyazaki (buoy) hourly
Imperial Beach Nearshore Buoy 6h Imperial Beach Nearshore Buoy hourly
Iojima Port 6h Iojima Port hourly
Ipan, Guam 6h Ipan, Guam hourly
Ise Bay 6h Ise Bay hourly
Isewan Port (buoy) 6h Isewan Port (buoy) hourly
Ishigaki Port 6h Ishigaki Port hourly
Ishikari Bay New Port 6h Ishikari Bay New Port hourly
Ishinomaki Port 6h Ishinomaki Port hourly
Isle of Royale East Buoy 6h Isle of Royale East Buoy hourly
Isles of Scilly (St Marys Sound) Waverider 6h Isles of Scilly (St Marys Sound) Waverider hourly
Isles of Scilly St Marys Sound Waverider Buoy 6h Isles of Scilly St Marys Sound Waverider Buoy hourly
Iwanai Port 6h Iwanai Port hourly
Jamestown Buoy 6h Jamestown Buoy hourly
Jeffrey's Ledge, NH 6h Jeffrey's Ledge, NH hourly
Jordan Basin Buoy 6h Jordan Basin Buoy hourly
K1 Buoy 6h K1 Buoy hourly
K2 Buoy 6h K2 Buoy hourly
K4 Buoy 6h K4 Buoy hourly
K4 Buoy 6h K4 Buoy hourly
K5 Buoy 6h K5 Buoy hourly
K7 Buoy 6h K7 Buoy hourly
Kagoshima Port 6h Kagoshima Port hourly
Kaiyo Tokushima (buoy) 6h Kaiyo Tokushima (buoy) hourly
Kalo, Majuro, Marshall Islands 6h Kalo, Majuro, Marshall Islands hourly
Kamaishi Port 6h Kamaishi Port hourly
Kamikawaguchi Port 6h Kamikawaguchi Port hourly
Kanazawa Port 6h Kanazawa Port hourly
Kanda Port 6h Kanda Port hourly
Kaneohe Bay Buoy 6h Kaneohe Bay Buoy hourly
Kaneohe Bay, WETS, HI 6h Kaneohe Bay, WETS, HI hourly
Karatsu Port 6h Karatsu Port hourly
Kashima Port 6h Kashima Port hourly
Kaumalapau Southwest Buoy, Lanai 6h Kaumalapau Southwest Buoy, Lanai hourly
Kirittapu Port 6h Kirittapu Port hourly
Kobe Port 6h Kobe Port hourly
Kochi Port 6h Kochi Port hourly
Kodiak Buoy 6h Kodiak Buoy hourly
Kogo, Nagasaki Port 6h Kogo, Nagasaki Port hourly
Kuji Port 6h Kuji Port hourly
Kumamoto Port 6h Kumamoto Port hourly
Kurushima Kouro 6h Kurushima Kouro hourly
Kushiro Port 6h Kushiro Port hourly
Kutsugata Port 6h Kutsugata Port hourly
La Have Bank Buoy 6h La Have Bank Buoy hourly
La Jolla, CA 6h La Jolla, CA hourly
La Perouse Bank Buoy 6h La Perouse Bank Buoy hourly
Lake Champlain - Inland Sea Buoy 6h Lake Champlain - Inland Sea Buoy hourly
Lake Mead - North Boulder Basin 6h Lake Mead - North Boulder Basin hourly
Lake Mead - South Boulder Basin 6h Lake Mead - South Boulder Basin hourly
Lake Mead - Virgin Basin 6h Lake Mead - Virgin Basin hourly
Lake Mohave - North 6h Lake Mohave - North hourly
Lake Mohave - South 6h Lake Mohave - South hourly
Lake Nipissing Buoy 6h Lake Nipissing Buoy hourly
Lake of the Woods Buoy 6h Lake of the Woods Buoy hourly
Lake Simcoe Buoy 6h Lake Simcoe Buoy hourly
Lake St Clair Buoy 6h Lake St Clair Buoy hourly
Lake Winnipeg Narrows Buoy 6h Lake Winnipeg Narrows Buoy hourly
Lake Winnipeg North Buoy 6h Lake Winnipeg North Buoy hourly
Lake Winnipeg, South Basin Buoy 6h Lake Winnipeg, South Basin Buoy hourly
Lakeside, OR 6h Lakeside, OR hourly
Lakewood Buoy 6h Lakewood Buoy hourly
Laurentian Fan Buoy 6h Laurentian Fan Buoy hourly
Lion Buoy 6h Lion Buoy hourly
Little Traverse Bay Buoy 6h Little Traverse Bay Buoy hourly
Liverpool Bay WaveNet Site 6h Liverpool Bay WaveNet Site hourly
Liverpool Buoy 6h Liverpool Buoy hourly
Lomond AWS 6h Lomond AWS hourly
Long Beach Channel, CA 6h Long Beach Channel, CA hourly
Long Island Buoy 6h Long Island Buoy hourly
Looe Bay Waverider 6h Looe Bay Waverider hourly
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, LA 6h Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, LA hourly
Lower Cook Inlet 6h Lower Cook Inlet hourly
Lowestoft Waverider 6h Lowestoft Waverider hourly
Ludington Buoy 6h Ludington Buoy hourly
M2 Buoy 6h M2 Buoy hourly
M2 Lambay Buoy 6h M2 Lambay Buoy hourly
M3 Buoy 6h M3 Buoy hourly
M3 Mizen Head Buoy 6h M3 Mizen Head Buoy hourly
M4 Buoy 6h M4 Buoy hourly
M4 Donegal Bay Buoy 6h M4 Donegal Bay Buoy hourly
M5 Buoy 6h M5 Buoy hourly
M6 Buoy 6h M6 Buoy hourly
M6 West Coast Buoy 6h M6 West Coast Buoy hourly
Mackay Buoy 6h Mackay Buoy hourly
Mackay Inner Buoy 6h Mackay Inner Buoy hourly
Mackinac Straits West Buoy 6h Mackinac Straits West Buoy hourly
Magnus AWS 6h Magnus AWS hourly
Masonboro Inlet, ILM2, NC 6h Masonboro Inlet, ILM2, NC hourly
Michigan City Buoy 6h Michigan City Buoy hourly
Mid Gulf Buoy 6h Mid Gulf Buoy hourly
Mid Superior Buoy, 60NM NNE of Hancock 6h Mid Superior Buoy, 60NM NNE of Hancock hourly
Middle Atlantic Buoy 6h Middle Atlantic Buoy hourly
Middle Nomad Buoy 6h Middle Nomad Buoy hourly
Mikawa Port 6h Mikawa Port hourly
Milford Waverider 6h Milford Waverider hourly
Minehead Waverider 6h Minehead Waverider hourly
Mission Bay West, CA 6h Mission Bay West, CA hourly
Miyako Port 6h Miyako Port hourly
Miyazaki Port 6h Miyazaki Port hourly
Moji, KP 6h Moji, KP hourly
Mokapu Point, HI 6h Mokapu Point, HI hourly
Mombetsu(South) 6h Mombetsu(South) hourly
Mont Louis Buoy 6h Mont Louis Buoy hourly
Montauk Point Buoy 6h Montauk Point Buoy hourly
Monterey Buoy 6h Monterey Buoy hourly
Mooloolaba Buoy 6h Mooloolaba Buoy hourly
Moray Firth WaveNet Site 6h Moray Firth WaveNet Site hourly
Morecambe Bay Waverider 6h Morecambe Bay Waverider hourly
Mori Port 6h Mori Port hourly
Mungo 6h Mungo hourly
Munising Buoy 6h Munising Buoy hourly
Muroran Port 6h Muroran Port hourly
Muroto Cape, Kochi(buoy) 6h Muroto Cape, Kochi(buoy) hourly
Murotsu Port 6h Murotsu Port hourly
Muskegon Buoy 6h Muskegon Buoy hourly
Mutsu Ogawara Port 6h Mutsu Ogawara Port hourly
N Hawaii 1 Buoy 6h N Hawaii 1 Buoy hourly
N Hawaii 2 Buoy 6h N Hawaii 2 Buoy hourly
Nagasaki Port 6h Nagasaki Port hourly
Nags Head Buoy, NC 6h Nags Head Buoy, NC hourly
Naha Port 6h Naha Port hourly
Nakagusuku Bay Port 6h Nakagusuku Bay Port hourly
Nanakwa Shoal Buoy 6h Nanakwa Shoal Buoy hourly
Nanao Port 6h Nanao Port hourly
Nantucket Buoy 6h Nantucket Buoy hourly
Nantucket Sound Buoy 6h Nantucket Sound Buoy hourly
Naoetsu Port 6h Naoetsu Port hourly
Naze Port 6h Naze Port hourly
NBOWF DWR Site H Waverider 6h NBOWF DWR Site H Waverider hourly
NE Bahamas Buoy 6h NE Bahamas Buoy hourly
Neah Bay Buoy 6h Neah Bay Buoy hourly
Nemuro Port 6h Nemuro Port hourly
New Dungeness - 17 NM NE of Port Angeles, WA 6h New Dungeness - 17 NM NE of Port Angeles, WA hourly
New York Harbour Buoy 6h New York Harbour Buoy hourly
Newbiggin Waverider 6h Newbiggin Waverider hourly
Nice Buoy 6h Nice Buoy hourly
Nickerson Bank Buoy 6h Nickerson Bank Buoy hourly
Niigata Port 6h Niigata Port hourly
Niigata Port(E) 6h Niigata Port(E) hourly
Niigata Port(W) 6h Niigata Port(W) hourly
Nome Buoy 6h Nome Buoy hourly
North Channel East Buoy 6h North Channel East Buoy hourly
North Entry Buoy, North Keweenaw Peninsula 6h North Entry Buoy, North Keweenaw Peninsula hourly
North Huron Buoy 6h North Huron Buoy hourly
North Iwate (buoy) 6h North Iwate (buoy) hourly
North Miyagi (buoy) 6h North Miyagi (buoy) hourly
North Moreton Bay Buoy 6h North Moreton Bay Buoy hourly
North Nomad Buoy 6h North Nomad Buoy hourly
North Sea 1 Buoy 6h North Sea 1 Buoy hourly
North Sea 2 Buoy 6h North Sea 2 Buoy hourly
North Sea 3 Buoy 6h North Sea 3 Buoy hourly
North Sea 4 Buoy 6h North Sea 4 Buoy hourly
North Sea 5 Buoy 6h North Sea 5 Buoy hourly
North Well Waverider 6h North Well Waverider hourly
Northeast Channel Buoy 6h Northeast Channel Buoy hourly
NVOWF DWR Site G Waverider 6h NVOWF DWR Site G Waverider hourly
NW Hawaii Buoy 6h NW Hawaii Buoy hourly
NW Hawaii Buoy 6h NW Hawaii Buoy hourly
NW Lake Ontario Ajax 6h NW Lake Ontario Ajax hourly
Ocean Crest Pier Buoy 6h Ocean Crest Pier Buoy hourly
Ocean Station PAPA 6h Ocean Station PAPA hourly
Oceanside Offshore, CA 6h Oceanside Offshore, CA hourly
Offshore Fernandina Beach, FL 6h Offshore Fernandina Beach, FL hourly
Offshore St. Petersburg, FL 6h Offshore St. Petersburg, FL hourly
Okinotorishima (buoy) 6h Okinotorishima (buoy) hourly
Okushiri Port 6h Okushiri Port hourly
Omaezaki Port 6h Omaezaki Port hourly
Omaezaki Shizuoka(buoy) 6h Omaezaki Shizuoka(buoy) hourly
Onahama Port 6h Onahama Port hourly
Onslow Bay Outer Buoy 6h Onslow Bay Outer Buoy hourly
Onslow Bay Outer, NC 6h Onslow Bay Outer, NC hourly
Orange Beach Buoy 6h Orange Beach Buoy hourly
Oregon Inlet, NC 6h Oregon Inlet, NC hourly
Owase Mie (buoy) 6h Owase Mie (buoy) hourly
Oyamanohana, SP 6h Oyamanohana, SP hourly
Palm Beach Buoy 6h Palm Beach Buoy hourly
Patapsco Buoy 6h Patapsco Buoy hourly
Pauwela, Maui, HI 6h Pauwela, Maui, HI hourly
Pearl Harbor Entrance, HI 6h Pearl Harbor Entrance, HI hourly
Pembroke Buoy 6h Pembroke Buoy hourly
Pensacola Buoy 6h Pensacola Buoy hourly
Penzance Waverider 6h Penzance Waverider hourly
Perranporth Waverider 6h Perranporth Waverider hourly
Pevensey Bay Waverider 6h Pevensey Bay Waverider hourly
Pioneer Buoy- Walker Ridge 6h Pioneer Buoy- Walker Ridge hourly
Point Loma South, CA 6h Point Loma South, CA hourly
Point Reyes, CA 6h Point Reyes, CA hourly
Point Sur, CA 6h Point Sur, CA hourly
Poole Bay WaveNet Site 6h Poole Bay WaveNet Site hourly
Port Colborne Buoy 6h Port Colborne Buoy hourly
Port Kembla Waverider Buoy 6h Port Kembla Waverider Buoy hourly
Port Orford Buoy 6h Port Orford Buoy hourly
Port Stanley Buoy 6h Port Stanley Buoy hourly
Porthleven Waverider 6h Porthleven Waverider hourly
Portland Buoy 6h Portland Buoy hourly
Portlock Bank Buoy 6h Portlock Bank Buoy hourly
Potomac Buoy 6h Potomac Buoy hourly
Prince Edward Point Buoy 6h Prince Edward Point Buoy hourly
PT Arena Buoy 6h PT Arena Buoy hourly
PT Arguello Buoy 6h PT Arguello Buoy hourly
Pulley Ridge, FL 6h Pulley Ridge, FL hourly
Ravenspurn North AWS 6h Ravenspurn North AWS hourly
Reedsport, OR 6h Reedsport, OR hourly
Rincon Buoy , Puerto Rico 6h Rincon Buoy , Puerto Rico hourly
Ritidian Point, Guam 6h Ritidian Point, Guam hourly
Rumoi Port 6h Rumoi Port hourly
Rustington Waverider 6h Rustington Waverider hourly
Saginaw Bay Buoy 6h Saginaw Bay Buoy hourly
Sakata Port 6h Sakata Port hourly
Sakata Port Buoy 2 6h Sakata Port Buoy 2 hourly
San Clemente Basin Buoy 6h San Clemente Basin Buoy hourly
San Francisco Bar 6h San Francisco Bar hourly
San Francisco Buoy 6h San Francisco Buoy hourly
San Juan, PR 6h San Juan, PR hourly
San Nicolas Island, CA 6h San Nicolas Island, CA hourly
San Pedro South, CA 6h San Pedro South, CA hourly
San Pedro, CA 6h San Pedro, CA hourly
Sandettie Buoy 6h Sandettie Buoy hourly
Sandown Bay Waverider 6h Sandown Bay Waverider hourly
Santa Barbara Buoy 6h Santa Barbara Buoy hourly
Santa Barbara Island North, CA 6h Santa Barbara Island North, CA hourly
Santa Cruz Basin, CA 6h Santa Cruz Basin, CA hourly
Santa Lucia Escarpment, CA 6h Santa Lucia Escarpment, CA hourly
Santa Maria Buoy 6h Santa Maria Buoy hourly
Santa Monica Basin Buoy 6h Santa Monica Basin Buoy hourly
Santa Monica Bay, CA 6h Santa Monica Bay, CA hourly
Scarborough Waverider 6h Scarborough Waverider hourly
Scarweather WaveNet Site 6h Scarweather WaveNet Site hourly
SCRIPPS Nearshore, CA 6h SCRIPPS Nearshore, CA hourly
SE Atlantic Buoy 6h SE Atlantic Buoy hourly
SE Cape Cod Buoy 6h SE Cape Cod Buoy hourly
SEACAMS2 PDZ Waverider 6h SEACAMS2 PDZ Waverider hourly
SEACAMS2 Swansea Bay Waverider 6h SEACAMS2 Swansea Bay Waverider hourly
Seaford Waverider 6h Seaford Waverider hourly
Seal Rocks Buoy 6h Seal Rocks Buoy hourly
Sean P Buoy 6h Sean P Buoy hourly
Sendai, Sendai-Shiogama Port 6h Sendai, Sendai-Shiogama Port hourly
Sentry Shoal Buoy 6h Sentry Shoal Buoy hourly
Setana Port 6h Setana Port hourly
Sevenstones Buoy 6h Sevenstones Buoy hourly
Shearwater 6h Shearwater hourly
Shelikof Strait, AK 6h Shelikof Strait, AK hourly
Shell Alcyone Buoy - C16522 - Walker Ridge 6h Shell Alcyone Buoy - C16522 - Walker Ridge hourly
Shetland Buoy 6h Shetland Buoy hourly
Shibayama Port 6h Shibayama Port hourly
Shibayama Port(Coastal) 6h Shibayama Port(Coastal) hourly
Shibushi Port 6h Shibushi Port hourly
Shimizu Port 6h Shimizu Port hourly
Shimoda Port 6h Shimoda Port hourly
Shinminato, FTP 6h Shinminato, FTP hourly
Shionomisaki 6h Shionomisaki hourly
Shiraoi Port 6h Shiraoi Port hourly
Shumagin Islands Buoy 6h Shumagin Islands Buoy hourly
Sizewell Waverider 6h Sizewell Waverider hourly
Slate Island Buoy 6h Slate Island Buoy hourly
Soma Port 6h Soma Port hourly
South Aleutians Buoy 6h South Aleutians Buoy hourly
South Brooks Buoy 6h South Brooks Buoy hourly
South Entry Buoy, South Keweenaw Peninsula 6h South Entry Buoy, South Keweenaw Peninsula hourly
South Georgian Bay Buoy 6h South Georgian Bay Buoy hourly
South Haven Buoy 6h South Haven Buoy hourly
South Hecate Strait Buoy 6h South Hecate Strait Buoy hourly
South Huron Buoy 6h South Huron Buoy hourly
South Iwate (buoy) 6h South Iwate (buoy) hourly
South Knock WaveNet Site 6h South Knock WaveNet Site hourly
South Michigan Buoy, 43NM East Southeast of Milwaukee 6h South Michigan Buoy, 43NM East Southeast of Milwaukee hourly
South Moresby Buoy 6h South Moresby Buoy hourly
South Nomad Buoy 6h South Nomad Buoy hourly
South of St. John, VI 6h South of St. John, VI hourly
South Pembrokeshire WaveNet Site 6h South Pembrokeshire WaveNet Site hourly
South Santa Rosa Island Buoy 6h South Santa Rosa Island Buoy hourly
South Timbalier Block Buoy 6h South Timbalier Block Buoy hourly
Southeast Bering Sea Buoy 6h Southeast Bering Sea Buoy hourly
Southeast of Ponce Buoy, PR 6h Southeast of Ponce Buoy, PR hourly
Southern Lake Huron Buoy 6h Southern Lake Huron Buoy hourly
Southwest Wakayama(buoy) 6h Southwest Wakayama(buoy) hourly
Southwold Approach WaveNet Site 6h Southwold Approach WaveNet Site hourly
St Augustine Buoy 6h St Augustine Buoy hourly
St Georges Buoy 6h St Georges Buoy hourly
St. Augustine, FL 6h St. Augustine, FL hourly
Start Bay Waverider 6h Start Bay Waverider hourly
Stellwagen Buoy 6h Stellwagen Buoy hourly
Stingray Point Buoy 6h Stingray Point Buoy hourly
Stonewall Banks Buoy 6h Stonewall Banks Buoy hourly
Sunatsu, KP 6h Sunatsu, KP hourly
Sunset Beach Nearshore Buoy 6h Sunset Beach Nearshore Buoy hourly
Suzaki Port 6h Suzaki Port hourly
SW Atlantic Buoy 6h SW Atlantic Buoy hourly
SW Hawaii Buoy 6h SW Hawaii Buoy hourly
SW Isles of Scilly WaveNet Site 6h SW Isles of Scilly WaveNet Site hourly
Sydney Waverider Buoy 6h Sydney Waverider Buoy hourly
Tadotsu Port 6h Tadotsu Port hourly
Tail of the Bank Buoy 6h Tail of the Bank Buoy hourly
Tanapag Buoy, Saipan 6h Tanapag Buoy, Saipan hourly
Tanner Banks Buoy 6h Tanner Banks Buoy hourly
Tanokubi, SP 6h Tanokubi, SP hourly
Tern A Buoy 6h Tern A Buoy hourly
Texas Tower Buoy 6h Texas Tower Buoy hourly
Thimble Shoal Buoy, VA 6h Thimble Shoal Buoy, VA hourly
Thunder Bay Buoy, Alpena 6h Thunder Bay Buoy, Alpena hourly
Thunder Horse Buoy 6h Thunder Horse Buoy hourly
Tilamook Buoy 6h Tilamook Buoy hourly
Tokachi Port 6h Tokachi Port hourly
Tokachi Port-2 6h Tokachi Port-2 hourly
Tokushima-Komatsujima Port 6h Tokushima-Komatsujima Port hourly
Toledo Water Intake Buoy 6h Toledo Water Intake Buoy hourly
Tomakomai Port 6h Tomakomai Port hourly
Tomakomai Port (E) 6h Tomakomai Port (E) hourly
Tomakomai Port (W) 6h Tomakomai Port (W) hourly
Tor Bay Waverider 6h Tor Bay Waverider hourly
Torness Power Station Waverider 6h Torness Power Station Waverider hourly
Torrey Pines Outer, CA 6h Torrey Pines Outer, CA hourly
Tory East Head Buoy 6h Tory East Head Buoy hourly
Tottori Port 6h Tottori Port hourly
Townsville Buoy 6h Townsville Buoy hourly
Toyama, FTP 6h Toyama, FTP hourly
Tsuruga Port 6h Tsuruga Port hourly
Tweed Heads Buoy 6h Tweed Heads Buoy hourly
Tyne-Tees WaveNet Site 6h Tyne-Tees WaveNet Site hourly
Ube Port 6h Ube Port hourly
Umpqua Offshore, OR 6h Umpqua Offshore, OR hourly
Unity 6h Unity hourly
Urakawa Port 6h Urakawa Port hourly
Vieques Island, PR 6h Vieques Island, PR hourly
Virginia Beach Buoy 6h Virginia Beach Buoy hourly
Virginia Beach Offshore, VA 6h Virginia Beach Offshore, VA hourly
W Hawaii Buoy 6h W Hawaii Buoy hourly
W Prince William Sound Buoy 6h W Prince William Sound Buoy hourly
Waimea Bay, HI 6h Waimea Bay, HI hourly
Wajima Port 6h Wajima Port hourly
Wallops Island, VA 6h Wallops Island, VA hourly
Waukegan Buoy 6h Waukegan Buoy hourly
West Aomori (buoy) 6h West Aomori (buoy) hourly
West Atlantic Buoy 6h West Atlantic Buoy hourly
West Bay Waverider 6h West Bay Waverider hourly
West Bermuda Buoy 6h West Bermuda Buoy hourly
West Dixon Entrance Buoy 6h West Dixon Entrance Buoy hourly
West Erie Buoy 6h West Erie Buoy hourly
West Gabbard 2 WaveNet Site 6h West Gabbard 2 WaveNet Site hourly
West Gulf Buoy 6h West Gulf Buoy hourly
West Kochi (buoy) 6h West Kochi (buoy) hourly
West Lake Ontario Buoy, Grimsby 6h West Lake Ontario Buoy, Grimsby hourly
West Monterey Bay, CA 6h West Monterey Bay, CA hourly
West Moresby Buoy 6h West Moresby Buoy hourly
West of Biguemodo, South Korea 6h West of Biguemodo, South Korea hourly
West of Deokjeokdo Island, South Korea 6h West of Deokjeokdo Island, South Korea hourly
West of Hebrides WaveNet Site 6h West of Hebrides WaveNet Site hourly
West Orca Bay Buoy 6h West Orca Bay Buoy hourly
West Penobscot Bay Buoy 6h West Penobscot Bay Buoy hourly
West Sea Otter Buoy 6h West Sea Otter Buoy hourly
West Sole A AWS 6h West Sole A AWS hourly
West Superior Buoy, 30NM NE of Outer Island 6h West Superior Buoy, 30NM NE of Outer Island hourly
West Tampa Buoy 6h West Tampa Buoy hourly
Western Aleutians Buoy 6h Western Aleutians Buoy hourly
Western Caribbean Buoy 6h Western Caribbean Buoy hourly
Western Lake Superior Buoy 6h Western Lake Superior Buoy hourly
Western Long Island Sound Buoy 6h Western Long Island Sound Buoy hourly
Western Maine Shelf Buoy 6h Western Maine Shelf Buoy hourly
Weston Bay Waverider 6h Weston Bay Waverider hourly
Westwave MK4 Buoy 6h Westwave MK4 Buoy hourly
Wexford Buoy 6h Wexford Buoy hourly
Weymouth Waverider 6h Weymouth Waverider hourly
Whitby Waverider 6h Whitby Waverider hourly
Wilmette Buoy 6h Wilmette Buoy hourly
Wilmington Harbor, NC 6h Wilmington Harbor, NC hourly
Winthrop Harbor Buoy 6h Winthrop Harbor Buoy hourly
Woods Hole Stratus Wave Station 6h Woods Hole Stratus Wave Station hourly
Yamagata (buoy) 6h Yamagata (buoy) hourly
Yatsushiro Port 6h Yatsushiro Port hourly
Yokohama, Keihin Port 6h Yokohama, Keihin Port hourly
York Spit, VA 6h York Spit, VA hourly
Yoshima Port 6h Yoshima Port hourly
Yucatan Basin Buoy 6h Yucatan Basin Buoy hourly
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Nearby location  blueNearest