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Privacy Policy is committed to protect the privacy of its users while providing means for convenient exchange of information. asks its visitors to optionally enter personal contact information such as email address, street address, name etc, creating an account within the website. Email address is then used to initially authenticate the user and, if required, restore access when the password is forgotten. Visitors can then use their accounts to subscribe and unsubscribe from customized surf condition notifications, newsletters and other services of the website.

Visitors may submit their opinions and observations to be publicly displayed on the website. In this case, email address will always be hidden in order to protect that user from spam. On the other hand, poster's name and region may be displayed as part of the signature.

Visitors may upload photos to be publicly displayed. The same rules apply to information about the poster as in the case of opinions and observations. analyzes IP addresses of the visitors, determining the approximate geographical location and using this information to better present the website content.

Account passwords are not saved in any database or file on our servers. Instead, only results of cryptographic hash functions are stored, and these cannot be reversed to reconstruct the actual passwords in any feasible way. uses cookies to allow its visitors access their accounts without typing the password each time.

Pages of contain banner ads and analytics tools hosted by 3rd parties, such as Google Analytics. These companies have their own privacy policies with regard to utilizing the cookies and tracking user behavior. will not share the list of users' email or postal addresses with any third parties without consent of the users, with the exception of providing postal services with information required for delivery of the products ordered by the user or awarded to the user.