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Merewether - Ladies break guidePhoto by: DANIEL MAWKES

Merewether - Ladies Surf Guide

Merewether - Ladies in Newcastle is an exposed reef break that is often working The best wind direction is from the northwest. Waves just as likely from local windswells as from distant groundswells and the ideal swell angle is from the east southeast. There is a right breaking reef. When it's working here, it can get crowded. Take care to avoid the rocks.

Merewether - Ladies Spot Info

Icon reef  redReefIcon  s43.9
Reliability:Todays Sea Temp*:
very consistent
18.3°C*ocean temperature recorded from satellite

Surfing Merewether - Ladies:

The best conditions reported for surf at Merewether - Ladies occur when a East-southeast swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the Northwest.

Surf Forecasts:

What's the best time of year to surf Merewether - Ladies (for consistent clean waves)?

mayBest Season: winter
The best time of year for surfing Merewether - Ladies with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Winter and most often the month of May. Clean surfable waves are typically found 35% of the time in May while 35% of the time it tends to be blown out. For the remaining 30% of the time it is considered too small by most surfers but may still be OK for beginners and groms at times.
Surfable waves that hold up well for longer rides in prevailing cross-offshore, offshore or light wind conditions.
blown out
Surfable sized waves that are of poorer quality due to prevailing onshore, cross-onshore or windy conditions (may be preferable for kitesurfing).
too small
Waves usually considered too small for good surf. Some wave-magnet breaks may still work though if conditions are right (on occasion).

Explore Merewether - Ladies Location Map

Interactive Merewether - Ladies surf break location map. View information about nearby surf breaks, their wave consistency and rating compared to other spots in the region. Current swell conditions from local buoys are shown along with live wind speed and direction from nearby weather stations. Click icons on the map for more detail. The closest passenger airport to Merewether - Ladies is Newcastle Airport (NTL) in Australia, 17 km (11 miles) away (directly). The second nearest airport to Merewether - Ladies is Richmond Airport (RCM), also in Australia, 118 km (73 miles) away.

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Merewether - Ladies Surf Forecasts:
Todays Surf Summary
Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 23:40 Local Time
Thursday 06
Wave (m)
Period (s) 7 7 7 7
Wind (km/h)
Wind State cross cross-
cross cross

Swell History at Merewether - Ladies

Surf stats for Merewether - Ladies, see the swell variation by month or season on the history page here.

Wind History at Merewether - Ladies

Wind stats for Merewether - Ladies, see the variation in direction and stength by month or season on the history page here.

Merewether - Ladies Reviews:

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  • Overall:Icon  s43.9
  • Quality on a good day:Icon  s44.0
  • Consistency of Surf:Icon  s54.7
  • Difficulty Level:Icon  s33.3
  • Wind and Kite Surfing:Icon  s11.0
  • Crowds:Icon  s33.0
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Karl Gol from Australia
“OK, I'm in TAS now but grew up surfing Ladies and have surfed it for over 20 years. Ladies is one section of linking reefs at Merewether, named after the ruins of the "Ladies Baths" built for (you guessed it.. the women folk only) back in the early 1900's. The exposed inside section is only rideable on very high tides and smaller swells (up to 3ft max). It's called "the shelf" and is a super fast hollow right that on a clean day is a freight-train bowl for up to about 10m length. Dredging over a dicey, shallow reef with "Sailors Rock" as a formidable obstacle, you can scrape yourself or break bones/boards quite easily. A real hit with the lids when it's on. The next section further out is technically "ladies", a right hand reef that works best on a run-out tide and an ESE swell up to about 4ft. When it's perfect it's one of the most predictable and fun tubes anywhere in Newy - you can get a 5-6 second shack and there's often a wicked end bowl to launch off. A bodyboarding paradise... Next section out is 2nd reef, breaking from about 5-8ft and good on an ESE swell - it's an adrenalin surging tube ride when it's on and has been the staple diet of the likes of MR, Hoyo, Luke Egan and a swag of other Merewether rippers. On a bigger day with a touch more south in the swell you can link up to "Rocks" (another superb right, in front of the SLSC) which is a situation that has most locals frothing at the mouth. Several sections are then on offer and it's a high performance wave with a possible backdoor section into "Rocks". Last but not least is "3rd Reef" - the next section out about 50-70m past "2nd reef". On a working day over 3m in a solid SSE swell your entry point will likely be off the rocks behind the "Ladies Baths" or through the pumphouse channel of the main baths. Good luck paddling out there as it's freakin' hairy dude!!! Lots of people get washed down to "rocks" and then in to the beach just trying. Your reward for sneaking out just to the south of "Ladies" and "2nd Reef" might just be the opportunity to see how fast you can paddle for another 50 metres in a NE direction. Pick the wrong time and you can meet several metres of 3rd reef foam head on (which can be quite unpleasant unless you have your mouth shut and can hold your breath for 30 seconds whilst being spun around like a cat in a washing machine). Those attempting to head out to the South of 3rd Reef risk getting smacked on the head by a 10ft+ closeout off "The Bombie" which is probably one of the nastiest experiences anyone can have at Merewether. If you can make it out to 3rd reef on a perfect day you can score some huge (I've seen it handle several metres) rights for a couple hundred metres - the takeoff is relatively easy and rolling, however as you approach between 2nd reef and outside rocks the wall jacks up and you need to commit fully as a massive barrel section awaits - get through that intense experience and then pull off before the wave closes out behind rocks or you will have to paddle out again the hard way - and the point I make here is that the bigger it gets at Merewether, the harder the paddle is and it's one of the hardest paddles you will ever have - no channels here. Enjoy!!!”

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