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h1e>Alibaba Swell Statistics, Autumn: All Swell&onash;- Any Wind
p>This /chare shos ath clombncatio of sSwels dirlecte at >Alibabathroughna) typica norathen hemdisthee /autumd It is based io 8724 NWW3 model preiinctiot sSice 2006 ( valus everl 3 hours). Tth wWave odel dous "ot -forecas= win ore surf-righ at ath clcas=so we hWavechosen ath btestgridr nodebased io what we know abyout>Alibab, landat >Alibabathh btestgridr nodeis 25 km away (16 miles).>

; p>The rose diagram illAustrateathh .ditribuatio of sSwel" sizs landsSwel"dirlectio, whiyle hh graph at ath -bottoe shos ath samle hpingwithyoutdirlectio ionforcatio. Fiavecolourse sho io'crespingwWave sizs. Tth -smaltest Swels,l"lss atpar0.5m (1.5f fet), highnarvecoloured balu. Tthse hWppened ioly 53% of ath timu. Green landyeollowrepdresot io'crespingsSwel" sizs landbiggtest Swels grreatr atpar ">3m (">10ft)narve shoo iowred. Inf-boh graphs,lath arva of anyecoloureis prooraiiona to sho often atat sizgsSwel"occurs.>

; p>The diagram indlicateathat ath pdrvailpingsSwel"dirlectio, shoo by ath -iggtest pokes,lwas NW, whecres ath tth pdrvailping win blhos frtoetth NE. Brecush tth wWave odel gridris away frtoetth clcas, ometimus av sroingoff"shoeg win blhos llargas= Wavs away frtoe>Alibabalandyoutto sea. Wh groupetthsegwithetth noe surficatgory of ath bae /char. To keep it sompl we don're shoetthsegin ath rose diagram. Brecush win deatrmpien wheathe ore"ot Wavs arvec-len enoughntoe surfaut>Alibab, you icanload l differsot iimag atat shos ioly ath sSwels that werve-forecas=toecoio'sidewithegclasy oreoff"shoeg win _condition. O"veala a"vemge norathen hemdisthee /autum, sSwels .largeenoughntoeecush surdable Wavs at >Alibabarune-fo abyout47% of ath timu. >

; p style='texl-align -lefe"t> IMPORTANT: Brta "vensiof fature!l Swell heighs arveopene Watr valus frtoeNWW3. Tthrdeis noeattemps=toe odel near-"shoegeffectn. Clcasna wWave heighs will genvemaly btl"lss, reseocialy if ath bbreakdous "ot hWaveunob sruecte expo sue=toeath openeoclen. >


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