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Surf Forecast & Surf Reports for NICARAGUA

Surf forecasts and surf reports for the best beach breaks, reefs and point breaks in Nicaragua. The Surf Spots are grouped into regions and the Wave Finder tool suggests the best spots for Surfing in Nicaragua each day based on the local surf forecasts.

Nicaragua Wavefinder
Swell with favourable wind conditions

Nicaragua wave energy surf 12 hr forecast

Forecast Wave Energy (Power): 12hrs

Leon Province

Asuchillo Beach Break La Jaimacana (The Pipes) Paso Caballo
Corinto Masa Chapa Pochomil Viejo
El Transito Melon and Pochomil Puerto Sandino
Hemorrhoids Milagro del Mar Point Punta Miramar
Jiquilillo Montelimar Punta San Diego

Rivas Province

El Coco Playa El Yanqui Playa Tamarindo
Los Pechos Playa Hermosa Punta Quilla
Ostional Playa Remonso San Juan del Sur

Tola Province

Casares Playa Amarilla Playa Sardinas
El Astillero Playa Colorado Popoyo
Perfect Peak (Playa Rosado) Playa Gigante Punta Manzanillo

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