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Ponzos Reviews and Ratings

(Galicia, Spain)

Visitor reviews of Ponzos surf break

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Ponzos Ratings

Overall: 4.0. Based on 1 vote. Vote

Consistency of Surf: 4.0

(1: Ponzos is a fickle surf spot that only works a few times a year. 5: Reliable year-round spot).

Water Quality: 5.0

(1: Known health risks from pollution. 5: Never any pollution).

Crowds: 2.0

(1: Often too crowded. 5: Ponzos is an isolated spot where you are unlikely to meet other surfers).

Access: 5.0

(1: Getting to Ponzos requires an overland expedition or chartering a boat. 3: A 30 minute walk from the nearest parking. 5: Park a vehicle right by the break).