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Wainui Beach - Pines break guidePhoto by: Rob Davies

Wainui Beach - Pines Surf Guide

Pines(Wainui Beach) in Gisborne is a fairly exposed beach and reef break that usually has waves and can work at any time of the year. Offshore winds are from the west. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the optimum swell angle is from the south southeast. Waves at the beach break both left and right. Best around mid tide when the tide is rising. When it's working here, it can get crowded. Beware of rips and rocks.

Wainui Beach - Pines Spot Info

Icon beachBeach and reefIcon  s33.3
Reliability:Todays Sea Temp*:
very consistent
19.7°C*ocean temperature recorded from satellite

Surfing Wainui Beach - Pines:

The best conditions reported for surf at Wainui Beach - Pines occur when a South-southeast swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the Northwest.

Surf Forecasts:

What's the best time of year to surf Wainui Beach - Pines (for consistent clean waves)?

mayBest Season: spring
The best time of year for surfing Wainui Beach - Pines with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Spring and most often the month of May. Clean surfable waves are typically found 48% of the time in May while 48% of the time it tends to be blown out. For the remaining 4% of the time it is considered too small by most surfers but may still be OK for beginners and groms at times.
Surfable waves that hold up well for longer rides in prevailing cross-offshore, offshore or light wind conditions.
blown out
Surfable sized waves that are of poorer quality due to prevailing onshore, cross-onshore or windy conditions (may be preferable for kitesurfing).
too small
Waves usually considered too small for good surf. Some wave-magnet breaks may still work though if conditions are right (on occasion).

Explore Wainui Beach - Pines Location Map

Interactive Wainui Beach - Pines surf break location map. View information about nearby surf breaks, their wave consistency and rating compared to other spots in the region. Current swell conditions from local buoys are shown along with live wind speed and direction from nearby weather stations. Click icons on the map for more detail. The closest passenger airport to Wainui Beach - Pines is Gisborne Airport (GIS) in New Zealand, 9 km (6 miles) away (directly). The second nearest airport to Wainui Beach - Pines is Whakatane Airport (WHK), also in New Zealand, 132 km (82 miles) away.

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Wainui Beach - Pines Surf Forecasts:
Todays Surf Summary
Thursday, 23 March 2023, 08:20 Local Time
Thursday 23
Wave (m)
Period (s) 12 12 12 12
Wind (km/h)
Wind State cross cross cross cross

Swell History at Wainui Beach - Pines

Surf stats for Wainui Beach - Pines, see the swell variation by month or season on the history page here.

Wind History at Wainui Beach - Pines

Wind stats for Wainui Beach - Pines, see the variation in direction and stength by month or season on the history page here.

Wainui Beach - Pines Reviews:

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  • Overall:Icon  s33.3
  • Quality on a good day:Icon  s44.0
  • Consistency of Surf:Icon  s43.8
  • Difficulty Level:Icon  s33.2
  • Crowds:Icon  s33.0
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Impartial reviews submitted by Surf-Forecast users.
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Rob Davies from New Zealand
“Pines is my favourite spot on the excellent Wainui Beach. The whole beach is a wonderful surfing destination that compares with the best beach breaks in France or anywhere else and Pines is just one of several spots that tends to have a consistent peak.

Why do I like it so much? Because even though I used to live on Cooper Street, right by highly regarded Stock Route, I invariably had better sessions at Pines when I walked there and I often surfed both spots on the same day.

I don't think that makes it a better wave by any means; it's probably just a bit more forgiving than Stock Route, a slower take-off with a little less competition for waves from the local boys who have Stock Route completely wired. This is especially true during those East and North East Swells that Wainui likes so much. (The prevailing swell is from the South - nothing wrong with that direction, still can give great surf at Wainui, but East Swells seemed to me to be peakier and more hollow)

If I'm honest, on overhead hollow days at Stock Route, I wasn't up to the take-off which resulted in eating a lot of sand, whereas Pines gave me a bit more time and was a bit more forgiving. Also, a few rocky outcrops at Pines means that is usually still has a bit of shape after a big swell has hammered the banks flat at Stock Route other parts of the beach. Pines tends to provide more in the way of lefts, which is possibly why it never gets crowded. Last, Offshore NW winds at Wainui can get a bit strong at times (too much of a good thing) and Pines is the most sheltered part of the beach which makes the waves here easier to paddle in to.

Like all of this coast, cross-on Northeast sea-breezes can be a problem in summer. Some days they come up as early as 9am and build through the afternoon. Sponge Bay and Midway Beach are less affected.

Years ago, before I lived in Wainui I used to camp in the dunes at the end of the Pines car park. Probably not strictly allowed but you still see the occasional tent or van there so I guess it is tolerated as long as you are discrete. Further up the coast large areas set aside for Freedom camping - a good long-term solution if you are staying in the area for several weeks. Otherwise, there are plenty of hostels and motels around.

There has been vast improvement in the quality of the store/ take away down at Stock Route. I'm not sure hungry surfers are worthy of such gourmet food, but thanks just the same for providing the best Burgers in New Zealand. The Poverty bay Club in town is a good bet too and there is a neat little cinema next door. For your supplies the Farmer's market by the Museum has quickly grown to more than 30 stalls of high quality local produce.”

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