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Blacknose Point Surf Guide

Blacknose Point in Far West Coast is a fairly exposed point break that has fairly consistent surf. Winter is the favoured time of year for surfing here. Works best in offshore winds from the west southwest. Clean groundswells prevail and the ideal swell direction is from the south southwest. Best around high tide. Often Crowded. Watch out for rips, rocks, locals and sharks.

Blacknose Point Spot Info

Icon pointPointIcon  s22.4
Reliability:Todays Sea Temp*:
fairly consistent
15.7°C*ocean temperature recorded from satellite

Surfing Blacknose Point:

The best conditions reported for surf at Blacknose Point occur when a South-southwest swell combines with an offshore wind direction from the West-southwest.

Surf Forecasts:

What's the best time of year to surf Blacknose Point (for consistent clean waves)?

septemberBest Season: spring
The best time of year for surfing Blacknose Point with consistent clean waves (rideable swell with light / offshore winds) is during Spring and most often the month of September. Clean surfable waves are typically found 56% of the time in September while 43% of the time it tends to be blown out. For the remaining 1% of the time it is considered too small by most surfers but may still be OK for beginners and groms at times.
Surfable waves that hold up well for longer rides in prevailing cross-offshore, offshore or light wind conditions.
blown out
Surfable sized waves that are of poorer quality due to prevailing onshore, cross-onshore or windy conditions (may be preferable for kitesurfing).
too small
Waves usually considered too small for good surf. Some wave-magnet breaks may still work though if conditions are right (on occasion).

Explore Blacknose Point Location Map

Interactive Blacknose Point surf break location map. View information about nearby surf breaks, their wave consistency and rating compared to other spots in the region. Current swell conditions from local buoys are shown along with live wind speed and direction from nearby weather stations. Click icons on the map for more detail. The nearest passenger airport to Blacknose Point is Avalon Airport (AVV) in Australia, which is 250 km (155 miles) away (directly). The second closest airport to Blacknose Point is Melbourne International Airport (MEL), also in Australia, 291 km (181 miles) away.

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Blacknose Point Surf Forecasts:
Todays Surf Summary
Sunday, 29 May 2022, 10:17 Local Time
Sunday 29
Wave (m)
Period (s) 13 13 13 13
Wind (km/h)
Wind State cross-

Swell History at Blacknose Point

Surf stats for Blacknose Point, see the swell variation by month or season on the history page here.

Wind History at Blacknose Point

Wind stats for Blacknose Point, see the variation in direction and stength by month or season on the history page here.

Blacknose Point Reviews:

Interactive Porthcawl Point location map. View nearby buoy information, live wind conditions and surrounding roads, paths and locations to help find new breaks. Click the buoys or wind icon to view more information.

Based on 9 votes.
  • Overall:Icon  s22.4
  • Quality on a good day:Icon  s33.2
  • Consistency of Surf:Icon  s21.8
  • Difficulty Level:Icon  s44.1
  • Wind and Kite Surfing:Icon  s11.0
  • Crowds:Icon  s11.4
  • ...

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Impartial reviews submitted by Surf-Forecast users.
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Steve from Australia
“When I first surfed Blacknose it was a walk over several Farmer's paddocks and the Alcoa factory had only just kicked off, and Wayne Lynch still hooked his board to the back of his sailboard and sailed off to the middle reefs way way out past "the Well" at Peterborough.
I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day Bob, and don't where it was precisely you were surfing to say Blacknose Point it is over rated, but he must of either hit it in the summer Nor Easters where its a windslop pig, or you Hodaded your first take off into the pit so no one wanted to risk losing waves to someone that'll blow the take off.
I grew up surfing the "Boxes" "L.A." "the Wedge", and if you walked out the back of my High school you fell in the North Av "Suck up" and "Rocks", and I'm telling Bob (whose last name can't be "Evans") Blacknose Point is one of the best waves if not the best wave in the entire Country in a mid tide Sou'Westerly swell of 8 foot plus.
When its going off, I've never have any trouble getting out and its a long ride a bit like Crescent with more reef reforms and longer. It's not as full green as Crescent either, so vertical water makes it waaay way better.
If its going off by the end of your ride your legs are shaking from shock.
It pitches "point"reef" "point" "reef" all the way down the Headland and I once got two tubes in 81 on one wave both over 5 seconds. It really fires up at about 8 feet plus and will pitch up like Aloa Moanna, then like "Race Course' to Winki, and then all over again. I'd rather surf Blacknose when its working than any other wave in the Country
If you patient, know your etiquette, and the locals can see you can surf you'll get waves there no problem and they'll be off your face screamers. If Bells is working Blacknose is and is the best wave in the country. One ride there and Pete Drouwyn turned into Westerly Wind Queen of the Dessert :)”

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