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Okiwi - Whangapoua Estuary ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.0
Consistency of Surf: 3.0
Difficulty Level: 2.0
Crowds: 3.0
Accommodation: 2.0

Overall: 3.0

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Okiwi - Whangapoua Estuary Wind Statistics, October averages since 2006

The rose diagram illustrates how commonly and how strongly the wind blows from different directions over a normal October. The longest spokes point in the directions the wind most commonly blows from and the shade of blue implies the strength, with tFThe lonommose shonSpotdeepde of. I pos b Bas 2976 NWW3 surf-forsshad the ages sages since, at 3hrpoi: cvalistsur withclThelonNWW3 Accel; var to

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Okiwi - Whangapoua Es a

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