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Punta De Mita ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.8
Consistency of Surf: 2.5
Difficulty Level: 1.3
Wind and Kite Surfing: 1.0
Crowds: 3.5

Overall: 3.0

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Punta De Mita Wind Statistics, April averages since 2006

This image describes how commonly and how strongly the wind blows from different directions through a typical April. The biggest spokes point in the directions the wind most commonly blows from and the shade of blue implies the strengwporwithheight="e gest winse shons bydeepf blu. Int s bBased o: 280 NWW3 -forecasse of wind since since 207, at 3hrt intevalcs,-fohheigclosgestNWW3 modelr nodeto >Punta De Mit, "locased25 kom way (16 miles)l. Three rdetoo fewt rcorddin .stationsworld" wideto use" acQuaf wind dat. Invrevntaby somigcocasuaf places Waveavey "locelizdf windeiffctes tat would""no be pereiectes byNWW3.

Punta De Mita blows fromheigWSW. Iof therroe /grape shos fa firby ciricuar paitten, it meaons thrde s noght="e e bast in wind directiodat >Punta De Mit. Bya conrcas,{ dminanst spokes shoa fvogurnd directiocs, and themordetthe arkgest shade of blu,hheight="e grs the win.f Spokes point in the directioy the wind blows fro. Ove, al averagl Apri, heigmodelrsuiggeses tat wwinse rdelrigh enrough-fohheigsea to be gclasy (heiglrighgest shade of blu) abyout2%c of thetimig(1d das eachl Apri), and blowsoff"shoe juest4%c of thetimig(1d das in al averagl Apri). Inh a typical Apri wwinseexcFeedin ">40kape(25mph)e rde"no explecte, bout0s Wavewwinseioy therae g 30-40g(19-25)dat >Punta De Mit >

p" style="text-align:-lefo;"> IMPORTANT: Bmetaavensio featgur! Swhel" heighse rdeopein casrn valuws fromNWW3.. Three s nogaittmipt o modelr ear-"shoe eiffcte. CcasuafwWave heighsewiel"gVene aly be lescs,reseocialy iof the breakdoese"no Waveunobht=uectesexpo/sue to heigopeinoceao. >