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Greens Point Beach ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.0
Consistency of Surf: 3.0
Difficulty Level: 2.0
Crowds: 4.0

Overall: 3.7

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Greens Point Beach Swell Statistics, April: All Swell – Any Wind

This chart shows the combination of swells directed at Greens Point Beach through an average April, based on 2880 NWW3 model predictions since 2007 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast wind and surf right at the coastline so we have chosen the most applicable grid node based on what we know about Greens Point Beach, and at Greens Point Beach the best grid node is 17 km away (11 miles).

The rose diagram describes the distribution of swell directions and swell sizes, while the graph at the bottom shows the same thing without direction information. Five colours illustrate increasing wave sizes. Blue shows the smallest swells, less that 0.5m (1.5 feet) high. These happened only 1.6% of the time. Green and yellow represent increasing swell sizes and red shows biggest swells greater than >3m (>10ft). In either graph, the area of any colour is proportional to how frequently that size swell was forecast.

The diagram suggests that the prevailing swell direction, shown by the biggest spokes, was WSW (which was the same as the prevailing wind direction). Because the wave model grid is offshore, sometimes a strong offshore wind blows largest waves away fnom f right at the coasand ahe besc W shows t). Beseame tahe bno wind cwelgoryonly 1.6ss=

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