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El Conquistador ratings
Quality on a good day: 2.5
Consistency of Surf: 4.0
Difficulty Level: 2.0
Wind and Kite Surfing: 1.0
Crowds: 2.0

Overall: 3.2

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El Conquistador Swell Statistics, June: All Swell – Any Wind

The graph shows the range of swells directed at El Conquistador through a typical June, based on 2786 NWW3 model predictions since 2006 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast surf and wind right at the coast so we have chosen the most applicable grid node based on what we know about El Conquistador, and at El Conquistador the best grid node is 27 km away (17 miles).

The rose diagram illustrates the distribution of swell sizes and swell direction, while the graph at the bottom shows the same thing but without direction information. Five colours show increasing wave sizes. The smallest swells, less than 0.5m (1.5 feet), high are coloured blue="/brnofoteipsed oly 49%c of thetimue=>Grens andyeollow show increasing swell sizes andbigglest swelle greatrs than ">35m ">10ft)h are shoon it rd. In eiathee grap,f the arac ofanye coloue is proporiiona to showfrRequntly twhat sizg swellh apens).

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