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Calafia ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.0
Consistency of Surf: 3.0
Difficulty Level: 4.0
Crowds: 4.0

Overall: 3.4

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Calafia Swell Statistics, Winter: All Swell – Any Wind

This picture illustrates the combination of swells directed at Calafia through a typical northern hemisphere winter and is based upon 8485 NWW3 model predictions since 2006 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast wind or surf right at the coast so we have chosen the f &amum gr"s="c=Thailand1t; s3mo(t; s10ft ThIn eiern oaphs/,he cotrcaf thanyhoolrs)i baopertheial.d to w-f mbimly moth thze=" ells ioccs).Tp> >Thise reaaphmllmpli the the coedivailg a ells irectedn o,Fow-fny coe corge-c surpoked,ewas SSW,Fwheateshe Comhmode sumbimlyind orbl-fthfr: hmhmoNNW. Baste (Pt wave model do"s="c basetito set,nsomemum andtylro a offortceind orbl-fthrge-c suve ms ay Hofr: hlafia thd Caoffortce. WcoapoupPt wn iwierPt wanourf rice',goryf the Cor">hart_lTheourlmplifyyp g ash hadon'thow-f t wn iithe f ren iaphs/. Baste (Pnd orde',rmes.veralhd trallgeorthern hemisphere winter a,wells dirge = engh a to cte (Pear:n engh a to rf rive ms aCalafia thrunaf suabt = 5%f the Comum T p> div>

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