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Cronulla Reviews and Ratings

(Sydney South Coast, Australia)

Visitor reviews of Cronulla surf break

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Cronulla Ratings

Overall: 3.8. Based on 8 votes. Vote

Quality on a good day: 3.7

(1 star: Even when the swell and winds are optimum, the waves are poor quality, 5 stars: If conditions are right, the waves will be World Class).

Consistency of Surf: 3.8

(1: Cronulla is a fickle surf spot that only works a few times a year. 5: Reliable year-round spot).

Regional Rating: 4.0

(1: Cronulla is usually very poor quality compared to other spots in Sydney South Coast. 5: the best break in Sydney South Coast).

Difficulty Level: 2.7

(1: Suitable for Groms. 3: Intermediates. 5: Expert tow-in surfers only).

Onshore Wind: 3.6

(1: even a light onshore ruins the surf. 5: Cronulla can offer better rides with a light wind behind them).

Other Options: 3.8

(1: If wind or tide conditions are poor at Cronulla, it will be poor everywhere nearby. 5: other locations nearby provide a rich variety of wind and swell exposures).

Wind and Kite Surfing: 3.8

(1: An unsuitable spot. 5: Wind and wave conditions at Cronulla are often excellent).

Water Quality: 3.3

(1: Known health risks from pollution. 5: Never any pollution).

Crowds: 2.5

(1: Often too crowded. 5: Cronulla is an isolated spot where you are unlikely to meet other surfers).

Access: 4.8

(1: Getting to Cronulla requires an overland expedition or chartering a boat. 3: A 30 minute walk from the nearest parking. 5: Park a vehicle right by the break).

Scenery: 3.8

(1: An ugly industrial backdrop. 5: A spectacular setting).

Local Attitude: 3.8

(1: Locals are hostile to visitors. 5: Either there are no locals who surf, or else they are accommodating and friendly).

Accommodation: 3.6

(1: No convenient places to stay indoors. 5: A wide variety of accommodation near Cronulla for all budgets from hostels to luxury hotels).

Camping: 2.6

(1: Camping at Cronulla is not possible. 3: Camping tolerated but no facilities. 5: A nearby camp ground has excellent facilities and a good vibe).

Entertainment: 4.4

(1: Besides the surf and the solitude there is nothing to do when it is flat. 5: Cronulla is in such an interesting area to visit that getting wet is a bonus).

Equipment and Repairs: 4.4

(1: Nothing can be sourced, not even wax. 5: Quality surfing equipment can be purchased or hired. Major repairs can be fixed too).

Eating: 5.0

(1: Bring your own food, there isn't even a shop. 5: A wide variety of places to eat and drink at Cronulla, from fast food and cafes to fancy restaurants).

Drinking: 4.8

(1: Alcohol is not allowed in the country. 5: There is an excellent pub near Cronulla where you can stay or park a camper van overnight).