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Shichirigahama ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.0
Consistency of Surf: 3.0
Difficulty Level: 3.0
Crowds: 3.0

Overall: 3.2

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Shichirigahama Surf Photo: 'classic right' by Steve marriott

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours
17 s off 6 s 17 s 12 s

Open ocean wave model on 25 September at 3 pm

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Shichirigahama around the time the photo was taken

classic right, Shichirigahama
user: Steve marriott (1 photo)
photo taken at: 2:19 pm 25 Sep 2010

classic right

Japan | Shichirigahama

Average rating: 3.0
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Sweet rights and lefts breaking over a sand rock reef

Recent comments

Teimu Shichirigahama is the name, not shi-chi-ga-hama. Shichi means "seven" in Japanese. "Ri" is a measurement of length, roughly translated as a "league", as in 20000 leagues under the sea. Hama means beach. So "ShichiRI ga Hama means "Seven League Beach" in English. I should know because I lived and surfed there every day there was waves from 1987-1995. My wife is Japanese, my daughter is Japanese and I am fluent and literate in Japanese. By the way, technically, this wave looks like Minegahama which is a couple of hundred yards west of "Shichiri". It's a little horseshoe reef that only holds swell up to about 4 feet before it closes out. When the crowds got bad I pulled out my 9' Mabo Royal and sent them home. Then got back on a short board.