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Santa Maria Anguar Surf Photo: 'Santa Maria ' by ozytodd37

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours
8 s cross-
3 s 9 s 6 s

Open ocean wave model on 13 February at 6 pm

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Santa Maria Anguar around the time the photo was taken

Santa Maria, Santa Maria Anguar
user: ozytodd37 (3 photos)
photo taken at: 6:13 pm 13 Feb 2011

Santa Maria

Palau | Santa Maria Anguar

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Reef Break can hold up to 8 foot,

Recent comments

Bob Alderman Interesting to see Angaur Island surf break. I was stationed on the island for 12 months in 1957-58. I body surfed almost daily when the surf was up. Big waves with great shape. During the storms the surf was wild, but still could be ridden. You needed to be a powerful swimmer. The biggest negative to the break in this picture is in the water. Big jellyfish that get all over you and can cause temporary paralysis. I know first hand.For board surfing the shape off the point is a long right and easy to catch. My observation has I had no board at this military base. The photo you showed brought back a lot of great memories. On the bottom of the bay beneath the waves one can find gigantic clams four feet across.The other side of the island is a reef with a shallow bay. Every kind of shell in the world seems to have ended up living in that place. For an interesting note: I just belly boarded some 6-8 foot waves at Sabang, Palawan Island, Philippines. Not rideable with a board, zero shape but big waves breaking with zero shoulders.Out on the point I saw some really big waves with good shape but I also saw rocks. Did not go out by boat to investigate. I will, next trip. I live in the Philippines.I still surf and know the spots and the months. Great waves with 7,100 island to search for the perfect wave.