Praia do Baleal ratings
Quality on a good day: 3.0
Consistency of Surf: 5.0
Difficulty Level: 3.0
Wind and Kite Surfing: 4.0
Crowds: 3.0

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Praia do Baleal Webcam and Surf Cam

(Peniche, Portugal)

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This is the best Praia do Baleal webcam that we have found on the web. The Praia do Baleal surf cam and those surfcams nearby are not operated by, so please contact us if you find the Praia do Baleal surf cam is dead or frequently offline. Also, if you know of a better beach camera that points at a surf spot in the region, let us know. Webcams for Praia do Baleal and elsewhere along the Peniche coast are useful as indicators for general surf conditions that affect other surf breaks in the region.

Praia do Baleal Webcam
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Praia do Baleal Webcam Archive

Praia do Baleal
Praia do Baleal Webcam at 2pm today

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