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Anchor Point Surf Photo

Anchor Point
photo timestamp: 9:23 pm 5 Jan 2037

Anchor Point

Morocco | Anchor Point

Average rating: 4.6
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Best right hander,hollow,starts wrking from Sept-April

Recent comments

paul Anchors is a wave that warrants respect and delivers. Locals own this wave and longboarders are probably better off to check out the other breaks close by like mysteries, la source and (for me, best of all) killer point. Class.
John Ex Muizenberg, Surfer. Great site ;)
Zak Mcb Depends on conditions. Anchor point is steep and hollow and a very long right as well. Also, rated a world class wave. Ain't a ground for novice.
bobbyd What tide is this picture?
Derek Weith I hope this guy is going to commit to that section.I personally would like the bigger one behind to be drawing lines across that great face and maybe getting ready for that section, who knows, fate is a great thing of surprise isnt it. yes Anchors looks great , but can anyone tell me the comparison factor to J Bay / SA. Is Anchors as long and just as fast at this size or does it slow down when it gets bigger , say 8 --10 ft. Cheers to all, stay wet and covered up.
punatuna not bad for atlantic
shacked It looks pretty hollow to me
Nourdine I wouldn't call Anchors hollow but I would call it a world class right hander.