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(Tortola – BVI, British Virgin Islands)

Visitor reviews of Cane Garden Bay surf break

  • June 23, 2012
    John K Morton from United States

    I have spent many years on Tortola. The tourist industry is number one is number for the island economy. That being said the infrastructure is not well enough designed to accommodate the influx of day tourists from cruse ships. The travellers are bussed to spots like Cane Garden Bay for a day trip to find a pristine beach now lined with chairs from the islands protected vendors. There ware no toilet facilities for many years however the new facility now installed does not completely treat its material. There is a large pipe that dumped it's waste forming a plume. I witnessed this from my rented room overlooking the bay. This was done possibly on the going tide or a timed process.
    We do not go back to Tortola for many reasons. The older residents we found were wonderful, however the younger people are less accommodating.

  • Cane Garden Bay Ratings

    Based on 1 vote. Vote

    Quality on a good day: 4.0

    (1 star: Even when the swell and winds are optimum, the waves are poor quality, 5 stars: If conditions are right, the waves will be World Class).

    Consistency of Surf: 1.0

    (1: Cane Garden Bay is a fickle surf spot that only works a few times a year. 5: Reliable year-round spot).

    Difficulty Level: 4.0

    (1: Suitable for Groms. 3: Intermediates. 5: Expert tow-in surfers only).

    Water Quality: 5.0

    (1: Known health risks from pollution. 5: Never any pollution).

    Crowds: 3.0

    (1: Often too crowded. 5: Cane Garden Bay is an isolated spot where you are unlikely to meet other surfers).

    Access: 5.0

    (1: Getting to Cane Garden Bay requires an overland expedition or chartering a boat. 3: A 30 minute walk from the nearest parking. 5: Park a vehicle right by the break).

    Based on 1 vote. Vote


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